About us.

QAF Auto acquired the BMW franchise in November 1996. With great enthusiasm, the firm seized the opportunity to raise the level of interest in BMW within Brunei. Since November 1996, QAF Auto has imported the latest models in the BMW range.

To increase the reputation of the marque in this country, QAF Auto committed its resources to raising the standards of service to a higher level. Customer focus is the order of the day. BMW owners are kept up-to-date on a regular basis with existing and new developments. QAF Auto continually conducts service promotions to encourage the careful maintenance of these luxury vehicles. The company also takes on the responsibility of providing BMW Roadside Assistance for all BMW owners.

As the interest in BMW cars continues to grow in Brunei, QAF Auto looks to reassess its goals for the future. One element though will always remain constant: its promise to provide efficient, value-added services to all its customers.

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