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Trust your standard. BMW Roadside Assistance.

It’s a good feeling to know precisely to whom you can turn if the worst comes to the worst. With BMW Roadside Assistance, a competent contact is just one call away – and in fact around the clock, 365 days per year.

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In expert hands around the clock: enjoy maximum driving pleasure, safety and convenience with your BMW. Our BMW Breakdown Assistance makes sure you’re also well taken care of in emergencies. Just contact the hotline of BMW Breakdown Assistance if you need on-the-spot roadside assistance: we’ll send a BMW Servicemobile straight out to you or arrange for roadside assistance through selected cooperation partners. If necessary, we’ll also organise a taxi or hotel reservation for you.

BMW Roadside Assistance Hotline:+ 673 245 2052

Do you have any queries regarding BMW Roadside Assistance? If so, please contact any Authorsed BMW Service Centres in Brunei.

  • Onsite Breakdown Assistance

    In most cases we will already be able to help you over the phone. If you need help on site, we will immediately organize to dispatch BMW roadside assistance for you by our selected specialist operators. Note: roadside assistance on site is limited solely to restoring your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Onsite Breakdown Assistance is available from 6am – 11pm, daily.

  • Help with punctures and problems on the road

    In the event of minor mishaps, like flat tyre, a lost car key or empty tank, we’ll be pleased to organise assistance. Please note that we do not assume any responsibility for the incurred cost.

  • Towing service to the nearest Authorised BMW Service Centres

    If a problem cannot be rectified on the spot, we will cover the costs of towing your BMW to the nearest Authorised BMW Service Centre.Our call centre & team from authorised BMW Service Centre will keep you updated.

  • Onward journey by taxi

    Stay mobile with our Taxi Service. We bear the costs for one taxi journey up to a maximum sum of BND50.

  • Hotel accomodation

    If you need to stay overnight in a hotel as a result of a breakdown, we will cover the costs of hotel accommodation for all vehicle occupants until the car is repaired or for a maximum of four nights (hotel category up to five stars). This is exclusively for breakdown sites in East-Malaysia being more than 100 kilometres from your place of residence and the period of repair exceeds three days.

  • Other services to ensure seamless mobility

    In addition to the services outlined above and to keep you fully mobile, we cover the costs of the following services, individually or combined, up to an overall maximum of BND500 per breakdown.

    If the circumstances require, we will also meet the costs of your return travel home air – up to the maximum amount stated above.

    If you incur costs for the collection of your vehicle, we will cover these up to the maximum amount stated above. If necessary, we will organise for the vehicle to be returned home on your behalf, subject to the repair taking more than three working days from the time of the vehicle’s arrival in the workshop to its anticipated time of completion. Additional fees such as cross-border tolls are not covered during vehicle transport.

    * Note on this service: the costs of multiple separate services provided for your seamless mobility can only be reimbursed up to an overall maximum amount of BND500 per breakdown. Eligibility for onward travel (plane and airfare) and accommodation is exclusive to cases outside of Brunei, within East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) at a minimum of 100km from the Brunei-Malaysia border.

  • Reimbursement of costs

    As a fundamental principle, only costs of a nature and scope that have been agreed with BMW Roadside Assistance can be covered. Generally speaking, we take care of the costs of all BMW Roadside Assistance services directly on your behalf. If, exceptionally, you need to pay for services, we will reimburse you accordingly. To do that, we need the original invoices for the services used (for example vehicle recovery companies) together with a copy of the repair invoice, and the completed breakdown report.

  • Mobility guarantee exclusions

    The service entitlements under a BMW Roadside Assistance mobility guarantee are not forfeited if other service and repair work – including any additional oil services required – are carried out by non-authorised workshops. However, services from the BMW Breakdown Assistance mobility guarantee are excluded if the vehicle’s loss of mobility is a result of failure to observe the inspection and service intervals specified by the manufacturer or if inspections, service work and other repairs by a non-authorised workshop do not comply with the manufacturer’s requirements.

A woman getting out of her BMW whilst on the phone.


The fast, expert support from BMW Accident Assistance gives you as much relief as possible when it counts – and ensures that you and your BMW are excellently looked after, even in exceptional circumstances.

When you call BMW Accident Assistance, you are provided with clear instructions on how to behave at the scene of the accident. We can assist to call the police on your behalf, contact the nearest Authorised BMW Service Centres and, if necessary, organise a tow-away service. However, all costs will be borne by the customer, unless otherwise stated.

To help us organise our assistance for you in the most efficient way, please state your name, your BMW model as per the vehicle registration document and your current position when calling

  • Professional accident repair

    Supreme quality, optimum value retention – technological advances mean that repairing BMW vehicles is becoming an increasingly sophisticated affair. Only your approved BMW Bodyshop will be able to fully meet this demand. Highly qualified specialists restore your BMW technically and visually to its original condition and ensure it meets all crash test specifications. Original BMW Parts are used exclusively during the repair of your vehicle. If your BMW needs paintwork repairs, this is done using environmentally friendly paint from the approved BMW Paint.